Massive waves of people flocking to play in the Songkran water, every inch of which is packed.

In the evening, from 5:00 p.m., people and tourists from both Asia and Europe continue to flow. Prepare your equipment and get wet, including clothes, glasses, and a water gun. Go to the area on both sides of the road from Saladaeng intersection. Arriving at Nararom Intersection, Bangkok has closed the road to allow the masses to come play in the Songkran water continuously with no signs of stopping. Until now unable to walk Must flow with the human wave


For Songkran, Silom Road It will be open for play today (April 13) and tomorrow, April 14, with Bangkok closing Silom Road on both sides from Saladaeng intersection. Arrive at Nararom intersection at 12.00-20.00 hrs. to open for traffic as usual at 21.00 hrs.

Source: Thai News Agency