Moving forward with the new style of the Royal Thai Navy

Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, May 24 – “Piraphan-Ekanat” insists on moving forward with the Royal Thai Police in a modern, modern form. Encourage the new generation to drive the development of the party, reiterate that it is not a “rebranding” because it is already good.

Mr. Peeraphan Saliratwiphak, leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RHSO) along with Mr. Ekanat Promphan, secretary of the party and party executives, namely Mr. Kriengyot Sudlapa, Mr. Duangrit Benjathikul (Chairungruang), joined together with representatives of candidates for MPs in Bangkok and candidates for the new generation of MPs of the party. To summarize the results of the recent elections.

Mr. Peeraphan said he was the leader of the party. Thank you to all the candidates who fought together in this election. Although the party does not have representation in the Bangkok area But the votes received in many areas ranked in the 2nd or 3rd position is considered the success of the new party that has just begun its political work.

“I would like to encourage all candidates for MPs in Bangkok, both former MPs and new candidates who have the same determination and ideology as the party. After this, Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party Continuing to work in politics And welcome everyone who is determined to continue walking on the political path, ”said Mr. Peeraphan.

Mr. Peeraphan also said that he was in the position of working in politics. Especially the stadium in Bangkok for 30 years has seen many forms of political changes. There are ups and downs in elections. It is normal for various changes to occur. So I want everyone especially those who enter the political field Looking at the matter of uncertainty is normal. Although this election is weirder than ever, so let’s all use this experience. to be used in development improve the way of thinking and how to vote To keep up with the times and ways of communication that have changed. especially the management of communications on various issues various political shocks in order for the political work to be carried out properly And please think about the ideology that comes to work for the society, the nation and the people as always.

“If intending to have a career in politics to take care of the people Let me strive And please don’t get caught up in the first mistake. and discouraged But let’s take it back as an experience, a lesson to develop yourself further. and in the part of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party We will continue to work together. And will invite everyone to join the meeting to continue brainstorming. because everyone is considered a colleague who must continue to work together no matter who gets the position or no position But if you have the mind to work, you can work together. Everything is in the mind The direction of the party is Will not leave people who are determined to work Everyone is equally important. regardless of whether the election is successful or not Because everyone is fully engaged in the battle together, ”said Mr. Peeraphan.

Mr. Ekanat said he was glad that there were still candidates for the party’s MPs who came to the meeting warmly as before. Not only are there applicants in Bangkok, there are young applicants from other provinces. Let’s join the conversation this time too. Therefore, it can be considered that everyone still has a fighter’s heart. as party secretary Thanks to everyone who has worked hard all along in this election field. Although the stadium in Bangkok, the Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party, has no MPs at all, but in many areas it has found that it has come in second and third place, beating the party candidates that were expected to be elected. which shows everyone’s commitment to work who went to the area according to the guidelines set by the party

Mr. Ekanat also said that after this, various experiences will be taken to extract lessons in order to complete the work ahead as fully as possible. especially The party will move in the direction of working in a new way. Keep pace with the changing era There will be both a large generation. and the new generation let’s work together And confirm that it’s not a rebranding. Because the brand of the Ruam Thai Party is already building a good nation The next thing to do is Combination of concepts of all models By using the time from now on to work because in the past there was little time to enter the field But after this, it will continue to develop the Ruam Thai Party to build a nation together. which will work together both the matter of policy and emphasize effective communication called new age communication to use the talents of a new generation of large numbers of the party with knowledge and skills in various fields and gives everyone the opportunity to fully demonstrate their talents believe that if combined with the work of all generations in the Party

“I would like to thank all of you who fought together. And after this, the party will move on. to develop the party to become more and more strong And we see in the potential of the new generation that we have chosen. And believe that everyone will be able to come together to move forward with the Thai Ruam Party to build the nation into a political institution as we intended for sure, ”said Ekanat.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency