Police commander confirms transfer of Kamnan Nok case In order to work quickly – efficiently

Police Commander confirms transfer of Kamnan Nok case. to the Crime Suppression Division In order to proceed quickly and efficiently Throw in asking about the correctional institution in the case of “Thaksin” who will complete 30 days of treatment at the police hospital.

Police General Damrongsak Kittiprapat Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Discussing the case of transferring the case file for the death of Inspector Bank. Along with submitting the testimony of 14 police officers who attended the Kamnan Nok party. Let the Crime Suppression Division do that. Because this story is about influential people. In order to facilitate the prosecution in finding all those involved in the wrongdoing. whether it is a worker at Kamnan Nok’s house involved in assisting in the destruction of evidence Including the involvement of the police. Viewed as having a single point. After transferring expressions The Central Investigation Commander immediately set up a working group. It is believed that this will be done quickly and efficiently.

All cases related to the death of Inspector Bank It will be transferred to the Central Investigation Bureau. As for the auction case of Kamnan Nok Company that is under the jurisdiction of the police There will still be interrogation at Provincial Police Region 7 Headquarters and another area where DSI operations will take place. There will be further expansion of the results in cooperation with many agencies.

As for the issue that Kamnan Nok was previously named in the committee to inspect and monitor the administration of the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Police, appointing Mr. Praween Chanklai or Kamnan Nok as a committee member with religious or cultural expertise, it is suspected that there was selection. What are the features? In the past, has there been an opportunity for influential people to intervene or not? The Police Commander admits that he will take the opportunity to review how each province selects qualifications. which will be more strict In the future, there must also be someone responsible. If bad people are selected

The reporter asked about the case of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra’s stay at the Royal Thai Police Hospital, which is close to the end of his 30-day stay outside of prison. Royal Thai Police Commissioner Answer questions briefly. This issue is It is according to the process of the Department of Corrections. You have to ask the Department of Corrections.

Source: Thai News Agency