Acting MPs step up to the area to collect problems

Bangkok, May 18- The engine is hot! Acting MPs go far, continue to work without having to wait for the government to be formed Go to the problem area ready to act as soon as there is a people’s government

After the May 14 elections, unofficial results showed that the Kao Klai Party’s constituency candidates were elected in 112 constituencies, some of which were elected in separate provinces. Some provinces were elected more than half of the total number of MPs in that province, while 39 candidates for the party-list MPs reflected the trust of the people in the Kao Klai Party and MP candidates. of the party, although many of them are new to politics that it will work in accordance with the guidelines that have been announced is worthwhile work solve the problem at its root To change Thailand to be different. Good politics, good mouth, good future.

Even now, the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) has yet to announce the election results. Which, according to the law, sets a 60-day timeframe, but many MPs are far behind both zoning and list form Start driving the event, whether it is a meeting to hear opinions from various groups of people, such as Petcharat Mai Chomphu, Acting MP for Chiang Mai District 1, exchanging opinions with the Policy Institute team at Chiang Mai University, Acting MP for Rayong, both 5 districts, consisting of Kamonthat Kittisoonthornsakul (District 1), Krit Silpachai (District 2), Nakhonchai Khunnarong (District 3), Chutipong Phipphoppinyo (District 4), Sawangjit Laoharojanapan (District 5). met with the mayor of Nakhon Ratchasima to introduce themselves and listen to the problems in Rayong municipality

Pichai Chaengchanyawong candidate MP Samut Prakan District 3 opens Line Openchat as a channel to coordinate complaints And update news and information to the people in the area, Chalermpong Saengdee, MP for Phuket, District 2, went to the area in the accident of a speedboat colliding with a signal pole. Chalong Pier area that happened on May 17 last

On the other hand, MPs from many districts in Bangkok went to the area to survey the problem, such as Rakchanok Sri Nok (Jomthong, Bang Bon, Nong Khaem), surveying the bridge of Wat Lak 3 next to Pracha Bamrung School, Nong Khaem. It was found that the bridge was in dilapidated condition. public safety risk therefore submitting a matter for coordination with SorKor and Nong Khaem District To improve quickly, Sasinant Thamnitinan (Sai Mai District) coordinated the problem of traffic signs for pedestrians crossing the road that were damaged within 1 day, Natcha Boonchai-Insawat (Bang Bon, Bang Khun Thian District) visited the area Meet the people who suffered from the fire in Soi Rama 50 and coordinated with various agencies. give help

While Zia Champathong, the party-list MP, the labor wing announced and submitted the draft. Labor Protection Act Immediately after the opening of the new council, the bill is important to improve the quality of life of working people, such as working 5 days or 40 hours / week. If more than that, must get OT, add annual leave at least 10 days can be accumulated, wages must increase every year, not discriminating, for example, no age limit Including posts on Facebook pages Inquire about public interest in forming a trade union. Responding to hundreds of comments, Nattapong Ruangpanyawut, Acting MP for the party list, former MP for Bangkok, Bang Khae District, posted on Facebook page and Twitter. Ask the public for advice on tools to monitor and display the progress of the 300 Progressive Party’s policies. Almost 1,000 comments have been shared, this post has been shared more than 6,500 times on Facebook. and retweeted more than 20,000 times.

In addition, candidates for MPs have advanced far across the country. went to the area to meet and thank the people for their trust listen to suggestions ready to be driven immediately when there is a people’s government Under the leadership of Pita Limjaroenrat far-reaching party leader Acting 30th Prime Minister .-

Source: Thai News Agency

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