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Doctors reveal more colon cancer 15 deaths per day

Bangkok, March 17 – Doctors reveal that colon cancer is more common. 15 deaths per day, 44 new cases a day Roast until charred


Dr. Veerawut Imsamran, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, said that colon and rectal cancer in Thailand is now the third most common in males and second in females. The concern is that the incidence of the disease tends to increase every day. Patients die from this terrible disease on average 15 people per day (5,476 people per year) and there are 44 new patients per day (15,939 people per year).


However, colon and rectal cancer There is an important reason for eating. Especially red meat foods, including beef, processed pork. or cooking at high heat for a long time, such as grilling until charred and high in fat, eating low fiber foods Drinking alcohol, smoking, and colon and rectal cancer also occurs in people who are at risk from having a family history of colon and rectal cancer. People who have previously detected an adenoma of colon polyps or treatment for chronic inflammatory bowel disease


Dr. Hathaiwan Muangtad, a specialist in gastrointestinal and liver cancer surgery National Cancer Institute added that In general, colorectal cancer has a higher incidence among those aged 50 years and over. Therefore, screening for this type of cancer at that age can greatly prevent or help detect early cancer. At present, screening by the fecal latent blood test (FIT) is a convenient test method. It’s easy and safe. People aged 50-70 can pick up equipment and sampling reagents at participating hospitals. to bring to collect the stool yourself at home and then sent to the staff to analyze the results In case of abnormal results, patients will be further diagnosed with colonoscopy. For groups with abnormal symptoms such as variable excretory system such as constipation, diarrhea alternating Blood in the stool, loss of appetite, weight loss, chronic anemia, should consult a doctor for further diagnosis.


Treatment of colon and rectal cancer is divided according to the stage of disease progression. In the early stage patients, it can be treated by gastrointestinal endoscopy with a single tumor polyp removal. The patient has no surgical scars on the abdomen. In some more advanced cases, it can be treated with minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. to cut the colon, rectum, and nearby lymph nodes and colonoscopy, which is a safe and standard treatment Some patients are able to avoid having a permanent transurethral fistula (artificial fistula) as well as concomitant treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, preoperative or postoperative guiding. This increases the chances of curing the disease and reducing the rate of recurrence, even if the disease has progressed or spread. Chemotherapy combined with targeted chemotherapy or immunotherapy to help slow down the progression of the disease Patients can achieve a certain level of quality of life during that period.


Maintaining a good immune system against cancer can help keep you away from cancer. Start by eating 5 food groups, exercising regularly. Avoid processed red meat. Grill until charred, alcohol and no smoking. Weight control, not fat.-Thai News Agency


Source: Thai News Agency